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Despite being a relatively new establishment, we have already received a large number of fantastic reviews on Tripadvisor. As much as we would be delighted if you were to read through all of these, we appreciate that it would take a long time. Therefore, we have collected a number of them together and categorised them, making it easy for you to explore different opinions about our food, drink, service, atmosphere and décor, and authenticity. 

Read on to learn more about ‘the best Italian restaurant in Leamington Spa,’ which is an ‘asset to our town’ and ‘just the kind of place Leamington Spa needs.’


Many of our customers have given us positive feedback about the variety of food options that we offer, and in true Italian style our portions are always ‘generous’. We designed our ‘flexible’ menu to be suitable for all occasions, and are thankful that it has been received as such. 

The high quality of our food is difficult to describe, as testified to by our delighted diners: ‘I can not tell you how good the food was’, ‘I have no words’! To truly appreciate all that we have to offer you will have to experience it for yourself. 


We are already well known for our ‘to die for’ cocktails, and would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to our wide variety of wines. Our house wines are carefully selected to complement our menu, but we also have so many more to offer.

Whatever your taste, we have a wine to suit it, and if you are unsure about which wine will pair well with your meal, our attentive staff can help to answer any questions. Explore our full wine list here.


Quality dining is not just about the food and drink. In order to have a truly special and memorable visit, the service needs to be fantastic too. At Villa Capri, we recognise the difference that high-calibre staff make to our customers’ experience, and make sure to only hire the best!

We have been thrilled to hear that the effort we put in to finding our ‘amazingly attentive’ staff has paid off. We ensure that our team is ‘friendly’, ‘well dressed’, ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘efficient’, and it is fantastic to have this reported back to us! Hearing that ‘they know exactly how to take care of guests’, ‘could not do enough to help’ and made customers feel as though ‘nothing was too much trouble’ has us bursting with pride! 

Atmosphere And Décor

Our restaurant and cocktail bar has been a true passion project, and we have been overjoyed to find that our customers adore Villa Capri just as much as we do. Our ‘lovingly decorated’ establishment is ‘luxurious without being over the top’ and feels ‘upscale’ yet ‘avoids being stuffy’. The ‘modern, light and airy’ décor elicits ‘feelings of being on holiday, with the blue and sand hues’.

This is exactly the atmosphere that we have worked so hard to create. When leaving Villa Capri you may be surprised to find yourself suddenly back in Leamington Spa, mere seconds after enjoying an afternoon or evening in our little slice of Italy.


Qui a Villa Capri siamo orgogliosi dell’autenticità dei nostri cibi e delle nostre bevande. Crediamo che il nostro ristorante porti il vero sapore d’italia a Leamington Spa, qualità su cui sono concordi molti dei nostri clienti.  

In other words, here at Villa Capri we are proud of the authenticity of our food and drink. We believe that our restaurant brings the true flavour of Italy to Leamington Spa, a quality that many of our customers agree on.

Villa Capri has been described as a ‘little piece of Italy,’ due to our classic Italian food as well as the ambience that we have striven to create. Having our dishes described as being ‘as good as we have eaten in Italy’ and ‘a true taste of Italy’ have been some of our favourite compliments to date.

With travel being prohibited throughout the pandemic, we were very proud to have made one of our customers feel as though they had ‘spent the afternoon transported to Italy’. 

If you are looking for authentic Italian cuisine in an upscale yet relaxed surrounding, Villa Capri is the place for you.

Book In

Whether drinking or dining, we recommend that you book in. You can click here to book a table online. Alternatively, you can call us on 01926330001.

Our ‘great location’ offers ‘easy parking’… just make sure that your parking ticket has enough time on it, as reviewers have stated that they could ‘have stayed in the haven of luxury that is Villa Capri for hours.’

Italian Restaurant Leamington Spa Based